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I am so excited to share! Online Courses will soon be available on the following topics!

  • Eat More Plants – Not sure how to eat plant-based? Learn to easily add whole food to your current diet without a total diet makeover
  • Eat More Plants for Weight Loss – Want to lose weight and keep it off? Learn how to confidently eat to lose weight with more plants
  • SugarEating too much sugar? Find out and learn how to minimize sugar
  • ProteinWorried you are not getting enough protein? Learn how to calculate protein and the best plant-based protein sources
  • Carbohydrate Concerns Afraid you are eating too many carbohydrates? Find out and learn to know the difference between good and bad carbohydrates

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Buddha Bowl
Buddha Bowl

If you have any questions or thoughts in the meantime, let me know! I can’t wait to share the plant-based eating courses with you!

Wishing you a plant-filled day!

Kim @ Conscious Nibbling