Plastic is harmful to the earth, wildlife, and humans., however, you can make a big difference at the grocery store. Plastic takes a very long time to breakdown and therefore is filling landfills and impacting the oceans. 

The good news is that each of us can make an impact on reducing plastic simply by our choices at the grocery store.  Here are four doable strategies to reduce plastic while grocery shopping.

Strategy #1: Bring your own reusable produce bags

Reusable produce bags are a great alternative to using plastic and available to purchase at grocery stores and online.  I love these organic cotton mesh bags. Every time you bring your own produce bag, you are making a conscious choice to decrease plastic and help the earth.   

If you forget your produce bag, minimize the number of plastic bags used by placing a variety of produce in one bag, such as apples, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. instead of using a plastic bag for each type of produce.  Reuse the plastic bags the next time you go grocery shopping and/or use for cleaning up dog waste, lining trash cans, etc.

Eco-frlendly grocery bag option.  Ideas for reusable bags.

Strategy #2: Choose products in glass jars over plastic jars

Many food items, such as peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil, honey, and applesauce, have the option of being purchased in a glass or a plastic container.  Reduce plastic by purchasing the item in the glass jar and then reuse the glass jar for small items such as nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, and raisins.  You will be surprised at all of the grocery items that are available in glass jars that you typically purchase in plastic.

Strategy #3: Purchase produce not pre-wrapped in plastic

For example, choose loose potatoes over ones in a plastic bag, single apples versus ones in a plastic bag, raw carrots not in a plastic bag.

In my neighborhood, there is an amazing little grocery store that has delicious produce, however, most of it is pre-wrapped in plastic, so I purchase my produce elsewhere unless it is not pre-wrapped.

Strategy #4: Bring your own grocery bags

This strategy adds up very quickly to reducing plastic.   When I see all of those white plastic bags being used at the grocery stores, I cannot help but cringe.  Invest in reusable grocery bags and skip all of the white plastic bags. 

Initially, you may forget to bring the grocery bags into the store, but eventually, it will become a habit that you can feel good about it each time you grocery shop.  If you forget the reusable grocery bags, choose the paper bag option, and reuse the paper bags for recycling.

Conscious Nibbling Tip: Leave reusable produce and grocery bags on the front seat of your car, then you will remember them!

For more information on the detrimental impact of plastic: Wikipedia Plastic Pollution

Bottom Line

By implementing these four simple strategies, you will :

  • Inspire others to do the same
  • Feel awesome about helping the environment
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Let’s connect! What are your thoughts about this article? Is there other plastic reducing practices that you do? I would love to hear them!

Kim Raring

I am passionate about promoting a conscious lifestyle incorporating whole plant-based foods, sustainable food-related choices, and mindful eating practices. Want to learn about simple strategies to create a feel-good lifestyle? Check out all of the conscious nibbling tips.

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